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Roosters are Assholes – Autographed Copy – with a Key West coaster


Admit it, they can be annoying. But, this light hearted book will make you see their funny side too. Our set includes a Key West ceramic coaster that tells everyone where your Happy Place is.

Roosters are assholes. I know it, you know it, and the friend you are going to buy this book for knows it. But go ahead and buy a copy or two. You can’t go wrong with the price, and the look on your friend’s face when they see the title will be… priceless. The inside is graced with a combination of words and photos that may entertain, amuse, offend or intrigue the reader, depending on their mood, upbringing, and social status. Take a look inside to see your own reaction. You will be sure to agree…Roosters are assholes! Praise for Roosters Are Assholes: Destined to become a cult classic.—Farm & Fence Magazine. Finally, a book that confirms what we’ve known all along.—Bar Tab Magazine.Genius and idiotic. Unnerving and endearing.—The Conch Republic Tribune. The title alone makes this a sound investment.—The Cluck & Comb. (from Amazon.com)

The ceramic coaster measures 4×4 inches and is cork backed to protect surfaces. It is highly absorbent and fade resistant. Made in the USA.

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