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The Lost Diary of Count von Cosel- With a Coaster


Count Carl Von Cosel was brought before the courts in 1931 after the mummified remains of Elena Hoyos were discovered in his Key West home. Some called it a story of true love; others, the workings of a mad man. In this chilling memoir, Von Cosel reveals the spirits of ancestors who guided him, conversations with Elena’s ghost, detailed accounts of his attempts to reconstruct and revive her and the truth about their postmortem wedding. This is the diary of Count Carl Von Cosel. His words, his thoughts, and his secrets. His tale of love that extended beyond the grave.

This set comes with a Key West themed coaster. As you read this fascinating story, you can enjoy a beverage and… protect your table top! The ceramic coaster is 4×4 inches and has a cork back to protect surfaces. It is highly absorbent, fade-resistant and made in the USA.

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